"A section is a representation in which otherwise hidden contours, materials and structures are shown. The building is therefore mentally "cut into slices" at a specfic point and depicted accordingly" architektur-studieren.info
In architecture we are used to multiple parties working on a plan, for this we learn the grammar and rules of those drawings. What happens when those parties have to find other forms to negotiate about how a drawing should be created? How does a section look like that is drawn by several people, but each of these individuals is allowed to have their own perspective and choice of where to place the cut?
In this cross disciplinary exchange guests were given an introduction to diferent methods of representation that are well known in architecture. How can these basic tools be reinterpreted?
This workshop was part of Choreographing Architectures project by canadian artist Sasha Amaya that places architecture and choreography in dialogue at Deutsches Architektur Zentrum Berlin .

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